“Ahhh – so it’s not that she’s crazy it’s just that we’re different…”

Andrew – Independent Retailer

Understanding why you get the results that you do from everyday interactions is one of the most powerful clarity moments for anyone. When you understand your style you can become a masterful communicator, which means you can:

  • craft conversations with peers for better outcomes
  • reduce the conflict in your life
  • choose workplaces that suit you better
  • organise the way you work to suit your style
  • turbo charge your performance
  • understand your relationships better
  • write better job applications and more…

One of the tools I use is the The Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is a non-judgmental personality inventory that’s used to assist people to gain an understanding of their differences and similarities, particularly with respect to energy source, information gathering, decision making style, lifestyle and work patterns.  It a useful tool for personal development, team building, conflict resolution and career exploration.


“I’d done the a version of the MBTI online but having Dana interpret it and link it to my work and life experiences was worth every cent.”

“After five years I still think it’s the best and most significant training we’ve done.” Customer Service Team Manager

“Oh now I get it – I could do it differently.” Independent Retailer

“So my staff aren’t just out to get me? They’re just different. At last we can make a difference. Thanks!” Manager of multi-functional team

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