Move from where you are now to where you want to be…

You need to rework your career if:

  • Every day feels like Monday
  • You feel your energy drain from you when you go to your workplace
  • You constantly ask”Is this all there is?”

The facts are…

  • 70% of people are in their current role by accident
  • People who declare career success are people who took control of their careers
  • Your success depends on your attitude – are you a beggar, a victim or a resource person?

I can help you!

  • Move from being a beggar or victim to a resource person;
  • Prepare for a promotion;
  • Find a better career fit;
  • Develop strategies to design your next career move;
  • Find ways to build better relationships at work.

If you want your next career move to be a deliberate choice, career coaching is a solution because Career Coaching focuses on YOU!

That means you can:

  • Develop the strategies to make the plan actually work
  • Build your confidence
  • Learn about your strengths and how to make them work for you
  • Get the inside track for your next promotion
  • Present your skills and experience positively
  • Take time out to make a deliberate plan
  • Take the first step into your preferred future

What people say …

“I thought I went there (coaching) to get a job, any job, and I discovered a career I can love”

“It helped me understand why I kept choosing the same types of jobs … and employers. Not anymore!”

“I enjoyed designing my career”

“Having an employee stay because they want to, or leave because they have a future somewhere else is worth the risk of having an employee stay with a prisoner mentality.”